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Early Primitive Lighting
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The Olde Pantry

Primitive Room Sprays

These scents are absolutely delicious and linger in the room for ages! Step into the past when you enter a room filled with smells of baking and spices. You'll be back for more!!
They come in 2ounce bottles. Please choose your favourite scent below.

* cinnamon apple
* primitive blend
* olde buttery

$12.50 NZD each


Primitive Pantry Tarts

These are great to use in your tart warmer or melting pot. These primitive candles are made with only the finest quality waxes, blended with just the right ingredients to give you one of the most highly fragrant, smokeless and clean burning candles around! They have an incredible scent and are a great size. They can be cut in half to use twice. If you love the aromas of days gone by then these are for you!!

Choose from the scents below:
* Amish Friendship
*Brown sugar
*Christmas Traditions
*Cinnamon apple
*Cinnamon stix
*Grandma's kitchen
*Homespun Holidays
*Hillbilly Homebrew
*Keeping Room
*Olde Burrery

$4.50 NZD each


Primitive Pantry Label set #1


Primitive Pantry Label Set #2


Primitive Pantry Label Set #3


Primitive Pantry Label Set #4


Primitive Pantry Label Set #5

These labels are made to look old and look great on your recycled jars. I use mine for display and in my pantry. Each set comes with 5 labels.

$7.00 NZD per set 

Primitive Pantry Jar

I love making these! Each jar is waxed and primmed up to look old and worn! Then I roll them in cinnamon for extra aging. Each jar comes with a label that I choose and a stained fabric tie with dried moss and a rusty accessory..

$10.50 NZD


Pantry Boxes

In past thymes, women would store their pantry goodes in boxes. I have made these cute little spice boxes in blue, with a piece of stained fabric tied around each one as well as a sprig of dried moss which makes them look so cute! The large box has a rusty star tied with the grungy fabric.

$5 NZD small box each

$10 NZD large box each


"Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much" Pantry Bag

This bag measures approx. 21cm x 34cm. I use my bags to hide modern items I don't wish to see! Looks great hanging from a peg rail or hook. The tie is twine with a sprig of moss.

$12 NZD